Paulette Wolf Events | Sarah Miller
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Sarah Miller


Sarah Miller

Event Director



Sarah has been a member of the PWE team for over 10 years as an integral part of all of the firm’s events. She is involved in all phases of event production. Her amazing attention to detail and organization, keen eye for aesthetics, countless hours of logistical planning and the ability to think on her feet to find solutions to problems that pop up on-site have contributed to her playing a key role in many of PWE’s world-class events.

Sarah has presided over all of PWE’s volunteer training and management from Y-ME races of over 1,000 volunteers to Chicago Gourmet & Camp Groupon making sure that they are educated on the brand and the messaging.

Sarah has taken a leadership role with clients such as HMSHost, Senior Lifestyle Corporation, Camp Groupon, Chicago Gourmet, Grohe America, Presence HealthCare and the Council for Jewish Elderly & has become an expert consultant for many of PWE’s philanthropic clients. Most recently, she consulted with Presence HealthCare spending two days a week in their offices for six months helping advance their event planning team and assisting in reaching their goals of raising over $1M in funds for their 2014 and 2015 galas.

Since becoming Event Director, Sarah has taken the lead in PWE’s own brand management. She created and maintains the company’s website and marketing materials as well as managing all social media. This experience provides Sarah with the ability to work with PWE’s clients who are looking for additional brand awareness marketing campaigns & engagement solutions that harmonize and highlight the strategy allowing them to engage before, during and after the event.

What event are you most proud of & why?

The event I am most proud of is Chicago Gourmet. We were tasked with producing the first Chicago Gourmet 6 weeks prior to the event. My responsibilities included sponsorship management from over 50+ wineries. For each winery I had to ensure rentals, tenting, décor, signage, insurance, load in/out, ice needs, electrical needs and delivery of product was organized for the event. In addition, I sourced, managed and trained over 200 volunteers that worked the entire weekend. The logistics of this event was beyond anything I had experienced prior and I not only learned a lot but also succeeded in creating the template that was used moving forward. The weekend was the longest weekend I had ever worked totaling more than 60 hours of on site time and countless hours of planning before hand. While exhausting I felt extremely proud of this event at the conclusion and was overjoyed that the client, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and guests had a great time!

Who inspires you?

The people who inspire me most are my children. Seeing my little boy’s eyes light up when he sees something new and cool is so magical. The joy he has upon seeing something for the first time and the excitement that radiates off him is palpable. I want every guest who enters one of my events to be awed, amazed and thrilled about what is to come and to feel like a kid again.

What do you think makes PWE different?

What truly makes PWE different is that we are a true boutique firm. However, it is hard to argue that we are boutique based on the size and scope of the projects we produce. But, what makes us boutique is our philosophy of redefining the live event and customizing to our clients needs all the while staying innovative.