Walid Johnson


Walid Johnson

Founder/CEO ~ United NFC



Experienced R&D, NFC, Web and Mobile specialist with over 15 years of design, development and direction. Highly adaptable to new and emerging technologies leveraging NFC as a conduit for developing micro communities and dynamic real-time content exchange, Walid is big on clean consistent UI.

Extremely keen on Millennials and their unique needs, after spending 4 years away from the entrepreneurial space to teach students at 13 years old how to build mobile applications leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem of Windows 8 and Windows phone, and what transforms the social arena. Adamant on teaching brands to understanding what is current in the marketplace and what drives Millennials to engage. He is of a unique group that have been both a Director of R&D and a Creative Director.

Currently working on his 4th technology startup, UnitedNFC, that provides technology solutions in the mobile space using NFC to make lives easier. UnitedNFC recently developed the “Tapable Tee”, a wearables solution which allows people to tap on clothing for content that they connects them in to a micro-community that provides access to members before, during and after an event.

As a BizSpark company, UnitedNFC leverages Microsoft Azure and SQL Server as the platform to build these dedicated applications that run in the cloud that serve as the hub for the NFC tap integration systemwide. 

What do you think makes PWE different?

Honestly, both answers are the same. The people. Everyone just brings their own uniqueness to the office. They all seem to be an expert on something, but yet as a collective team, they constantly bring new ideas and perspectives to the projects you do.

Why do you like working with PWE?

I love how PWE collaborates to find ways to get things done, always making the impossible happen. In a modern day workplace, the people at PWE just make you feel like family. Warm and always inviting, they have done it all and how the routes to get to a destination safely and within budget.